How to successfully paint by numbers?

Each has its own habits of painting more easily by numbers, yet we recommend that basic things be observed that make the painting process more enjoyable, and they are:

Content of packaging

1. Divest the contents of the painting kit and make sure that all the ingredients of the painting are in the packaging.

Packaging must conatin:

  • imprinted canvas;
  • reference sheet;
  • paints;
  • brushes;
  • anchorages;
  • pine tree frame modules (4 pcs.)
Construction of pine wood frame

2. Construct the frame.

The frame modules hold firmly together. To successfully connect them, move one module to the other with strong, steady movements.

Putting canvas onto frame

3. Canvas to frame.

Attach two parallel edges with rivets, and then strengthen the remaining two sides. It's important to stretch the canvas properly - the painting will be simpler.

You can also purchase each product without a frame.

Set up working palce for painting

4. Prepare working place.

It is important to prepare the workplace before starting painting:

  • painted on a surface covered with water and colour-proof material;
  • prepare a glass of water for wetting and rinsing brushes;
  • a small napkin for brushing brushes will also be useful;
  • place the canvas on the surface;
  • keep a reference page next to you to help you see the code on the smaller areas.
Opening color container for getting started to paint by numbers

5. Choose where you start painting and open the appropriate paint container.

Choose where you're going to start painting and open the appropriate paint container. No correct or wrong technique.

There are different tastes in painting:

  • from one element, painting all adjacent elements one by one;
  • painting all the elements of the same color in the painting.
Start to paint by numbers

6. Get to work!

Start painting safely. The brushes must be moistened before painting. If the colour appears to be too thick, then securely dilute it with a drop of water.

The set contains two brushes of different size. With the bigger brush, it's easier to paint bigger plots.

The benefits of the small brush

With a smaller-size brush, it is very comfortable to paint small squares as well as the boundaries of large squares.

Finish work

7. Concludes the day job

Completing the painting is a time-consuming process. When closing a day job, the workplace shall be arranged:

  • closes the paint dishes firmly to protect them from a quick dryness;
  • rinse out brushes, put them down to dry;
  • rinse out a water container;
  • is placed in a safe place for drying.
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